The Creators of GreenWater

Meet Dan and Jenny Fagin, a young couple with a mission.  That mission is to build their future by providing quality sport fish for private ponds in three states.  GreenWater is committed to producing the best pond stock for the most reasonable price.    

A customer is about to be really satisfied.

Both Dan and Jenny are graduates of Auburn University with degrees in Aquaculture.  Their experience belies their age.  Together they have been involved in fish farming for more than 25 years.  That experience serves them well when answering the many questions customers have about raising fish in private ponds.

The dream of owning their own business began soon after they were married in 1997 and with dedication and hard work is growing into a reality.


A new "reality" for them is the addition of a third Fagin to the family.
Meet Mr. Sam:  


Mama's son


and Daddy's playmate.


My how time flies!  Four years have passed and Mr. Sam has been joined
by Miss Ella, now 2 going on 12.




The Fagin Family 2008 




The Fagin Family 2012 


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