A trip to GreenWater

The first thing to grab the eye when approaching GreenWater is, WATER and PONDS.  

Five hundred acres of water in 50 ponds of all sizes as far as one can see.  GreenWater is an integral part of this huge aquaculture complex and it's future.

The number one product in volume is bait fish, minnows, but the number one product in public interest is game fish.  Healthy Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, and Channel Catfish for private pond stock.

There is much more to aquaculture on this scale than just throwing fish in a pond and letting them grow.

At the heart of the operation stands the hatchery building.  A maze of holding tanks, pumps, water pipes and air lines where seined fish from the ponds are culled and graded for health and size.

Each week, specially equipped trucks are loaded and depart to deliver fish to points all over the Southeast.

"Fish Days" are special for GreenWater.  Those are the days when Dan and Jenny load up with their carefully grown sport fish and head out to meet their many satisfied customers face to face.   One week they may be in Arlington, Tennessee, the next in Decatur, Illinois.  Wherever they go they share their knowledge willingly and impart their smiling enthusiasm to all.

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